The Story of a "Jamerican"

"I just want the world to experience the island that I fell in love with all those years ago..."


Linda Boykin-Williams

A "Jamer-i-can" is an American who visits the island of Jamaica and falls in love with the delicious food, the fun and excitement; and most especially, the warm and friendly people.
Jamaica Jamaica Tours co-owner Linda is the definition of a Jamerican. On one of her several excursions to the island, she meets the most interesting and friendliest tour guide Gregory.  They become partners and Jamaica, Jamaica Tours is born. Together, they form a great team between an American with a special love and understanding of Jamaica, and a native islander who is not only a registered and professional member of the JUTA Tour Company but also knows the place like the back of his hand.


Their mission is to guide you through some of the most historic, unique and most popular destinations all over Jamaica.  They want to share the majestic beauty and spread the "good vibes" of Jamaica to every visitor! They will help you create your own special memories in this exotic locale.


So....."Gowan now" CALL US TODAY!

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Linda in Montego Bay