Rio's Place is one of the best-kept secrets in Montego Bay.  It is a beautiful, well maintained, fashionable, comfortable and safe apartment and guest house. Totally private with bedrooms, private bath and kitchen ready to cook a meal anytime. It's located in Westgate Hills at very reasonable prices and it's clean... clean... clean!

Montego Bay

Hotel Glorianna.jpg
Hotel Gloriana is the very economical, affordable, and locally owned Hotel close to the Hip Strip. This highly rated island gem is in walking distance to Doctor's Cave Beach, shopping, Marqueritaville, many clubs, and restaurants. There is also a restaurant on the property. Our favorite place to stay in Jamaica.

Montego Bay

Rockhouse Hotel (1).jpg
Rockhouse Hotel is definitely one of Negril's landmarks. This most unique locale offers scenic views and an exceptionally relaxing lodging experience. At Rockhouse, you're in for a wonderfully thrilling stay in the West End Cliffs area. Oh yeah...Let's not forget they're right on the sea, have an on-location restaurant, and free entertainment!